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The Effectiveness of Exercise on ADHD Symptoms

Exercise is a gift to each one of us. You could call it a mental health elixir that helps in minimizing ADHD symptoms by:

But how are exercise and ADHD wellness linked and why should you have your exercise gear ready by the end of this blog? Dive right in to understand!

Exercise: The Ultimate ADHD Pill

Exercise and ADHD wellness go hand in hand. When you run or perform a set of push-ups, your brain releases some incredible chemicals.

Endorphins, for one, are set free to regulate pain, mood, and pleasure. The dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine levels shoot up. These chemicals come together to fill up the supply of focus and attention which is usually running out in those with ADHD.

When dopamine is set loose, you directly boost your brain’s ability to be consistent and regular - which becomes incredibly rewarding in the long run. For instance, regular exercise and the subsequent chemical release help lower “the generally irresistible” craving for new stimuli and you gradually become more alert. To help you get started with your exercise regimen, here’s a quick list of exercises you can choose from:

  • Aerobic exercises like swimming laps, walking briskly, cycling, and running.

  • Martial arts practices such as karate, jiujitsu, taekwondo, and judo.

  • Strength training like pushups, lunges, pullups, squats, and weightlifting.

  • Other exercises like dance, rock climbing, yoga, and gymnastics.

But how often and how much should you exercise? The answer typically depends on your age. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests adults can perform moderate-intensity exercise for 150 hours per week. Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) also recommend something along similar lines - performing 30-40 minutes of physical exercise for about 4-5 days per week.

Now, Go Out There and Shake a Leg!

Sure, exercise is not a walk in the park (although, sometimes it is. Isn’t it?). But with amazing benefits to reap with each passing day, consistent exercise is certainly worth a shot. What’s more, this perfect recipe for minimizing ADHD symptoms also brings your physical health on track!

If the rays of morning have just visited you or if you see twilight setting in from your window, I would suggest you slip on those lonely pair of sports shoes, step out of your house, and take a refreshing stroll! Also, remember to "not stop" until exercise becomes a habit you can’t live without.

If you’re looking for further guidance on ADHD, you can visit my website for ADHD coaching that brings real results!


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