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I help adults with ADHD create kickass systems so they can increase productivity, tap into positive qualities of ADHD and feel good about themselves.


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I've been in a tumultuous relationship with ADHD for the past 12 years. I understand the cocktail of emotions of having a child diagnosed with an invisible disorder, the frustration and sense of hopelessness, the pain of not being able to help such brilliant mind. 



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Family members can severely exacerbate the difficulties of someone with ADHD if they do not adequately understand the true nature of the disorder and if they tend to punish that individual with harsh and repeated criticism based on the erroneous assumption that ADHD impairments can be overcome simply by willpower. ~ Dr. Thomas E. Brown


Learning Living Loving ADHD Program

The truth is,  there is no such thing as "normal", there are just a series of spectrums on which we all fall  and how "normal" we are is largely determined by how well our strengths and weaknesses match the social norms of the time we live in   - R. Boyce

Do you feel overwhelmed and hopeless? Is ADHD making a negative impact on your life? On your relationships?  Do you find yourself in negative thoughts constantly and not able to get out of that state? Can’t start or sustain focus on what’s not interesting and fun? Perhaps after a few months savouring the joy of being self-employed you slowly start witnessing all that freedom and excitement turning into procrastination, stress and missing deadlines - You feel hopeless and you wonder what's wrong with you.


ADHD is an invisible disorder that affects in various capacities the executive functioning of the brain, responsible for the ability to plan, organize, remember, focus, self regulate. It can have a tremendous negative impact on someone’s life.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way, ADHD brains are uniquely wired and when in the right environment they can thrive.


My “learning living loving ADHD” program is all about:

  • Bringing clarity around how to separate who you are from the symptoms of your ADHD.

  • Getting rid of the work harder mindset and shift to acceptance and possibilities, create strategies and develop a set of skills to enable you to continue on your own.

  • Introducing Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness as a tool for self-regulation.

  • Co-creating structure in your life.

  • Overcoming daily challenges from living in a neurotypical society with systems and expectations geared to that population.


  • Before leaving the office you pre plan your next day at work so that you no longer start your day on 10 things at the same time as they all seem priority to your ADHD brain.

  • Having a system in your calendar that missing appointments and being late is a thing of the past... it feels soooo good! 

  • Having a strategy to keep in check your attention while participating in one of those important but boring meetings - you realize you are not stressed anymore, instead you now know how to free your mental energy when needed.

  • Feeling energized about the day ahead of you…no more second guessing your capability to manage your day…you finally created a system that keeps your ADHD brain focused and motivated.

Book your free 45 min consultation to learn more.

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I was fortunate enough to take advantage of a five session coaching opportunity offered by Lilian Turecki as she worked toward her certification for Professional and Personal Coaching.  We were able to conduct our sessions over Facetime (a first for me).


I should probably tell you up front that I was trained as a social worker and did clinical work with clients both individually and in groups.  My training was a more classical therapeutic approach and while I still see merit in this type of work, I have also come to understand that there is a lot in our lives we can examine and change in a more directed and real time manner.  Enter Lilliana.


Her description of the coaching experience sounded a bit suspect to me at first, but once I embraced the idea, I found it useful and even fun.  The focus was on the here and now.  I was assisted in selecting a topic/activities/concerns that were of interest to me at the moment and then coached on how to manage them in alternative ways.  Being accountable each session is certainly a motivator to pay attention to the work being done, but also selecting small pieces of behavior to examine and re-evaluate makes the work seem doable and enjoyable.


I am a creature of habit and not easily accepting of change, but I will admit that Lilliana’s approach and support helped me modify the behaviours we discussed. This approach can really help one examine day to day behaviours and routines in a slightly different manner and make small, incremental changes that significantly change outcomes.


It is no small thing that Lilliana’s outgoing and supportive style complements this coaching method.  How can you feel down about something when the person who is coaching you is endlessly positive and encouraging?  She can make you believe that you really CAN change your view about your actions and your routines. There really ARE other ways of approaching even the simplest things which can significantly alter the perceived outcomes and make a person feel uplifted and enthusiastic about trying new approaches.


It is my pleasure to offer this recommendation of Lilliana’s work.