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How to Pick Up Where You Left Off When an ADHD Mental Fitness Pilot Course Ends

Shifting your focus on the positive qualities of ADHD and cultivating solid empathy for yourself can work wonders for individuals with ADHD. This is precisely what my Mental Fitness Bootcamp offers. It is all about arming yourself with the “tools for building mental fitness so that you learn to identify Saboteurs (voices in your head that generate stress and negative emotions) and how to shift (Self-Command) to the Sage perspective that every problem or challenge can be converted into a gift and opportunity (self-actualization).”

Through consistent habit formation, the mental fitness course helps open up new neural pathways. This, in turn, helps you take a more positive and empathetic approach toward facing the challenges in your life and building your resilience.

Remember, the course heavily focuses on building habits to switch from Saboteur to Sage mode. As with everything, it is critical that you practice consistently to build and strengthen your Sage muscles. Make sure you…

Consistently Exercise Your:

  • Self-Command Muscle – this mental muscle helps quiet The Judge (or the master saboteur) and its accomplice saboteurs. By exercising your self-command muscle, you ensure the Sage part of your ADHD brain remains fully active on a daily basis.

  • Saboteur Interceptor Muscle – Through the mental fitness course, you learn how to find the saboteurs that hold you back. By flexing your Sage interceptor muscle, you can stop the Saboteurs in their tracks before they overpower you.

  • Sage Muscle – The course helps you deep-dive and tap into five of your Sage powers and eventually unlock your Sage perspective. When you exercise your Sage muscle, you start to handle every challenge with a calm and empathetic mind – quieting the inner-critic and negative emotions. When your sage muscle strengthens, you keep getting better at translating your challenges into gifts and opportunities. It is through Sage perfective that you begin to unfold healthy and positive behavior in both your personal and professional life.

A Final Word

One of the greatest challenges for individuals with ADHD to be more empathetic toward themselves and maintain a positive self-perception. You tend to beat yourself up for the smallest of shortcomings and fail to acknowledge your virtues.

Consistent mental exercises like the ones offered in the Mental Fitness Bootcamp help ensure you carry your positive habits for the long term instead of relapsing into a world full of saboteurs

Remember, everything starts with the mind. Once you know how your Saboteur and Sage perspectives work, you learn to articulate your ADHD experience, grow a sense of agency and find the confidence to make your own choices. Consult with me now to keep the momentum going!

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