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Get to Know Your ADHD Coach

I've been in a tumultuous relationship with ADHD for the past 12 years. My son was the first to be diagnosed with ADHD - and now my husband (officially diagnosed last year) and my daughter (diagnosed this year) have both received a diagnosis. Even though I do not have ADHD,  I understand the cocktail of emotions of having the diagnosis of an invisible disorder, the frustration and sense of hopelessness, and the pain of not being able to help such a brilliant mind.


I refused to believe that my son’s life would be limited by his condition, and since he was diagnosed, I have been immersed in a quest to empower him to achieve his goals and dreams. I have been following experts, reading everything that landed in my hands as well as participating in seminars covering the subject of ADHD and learning challenges. Yes, for sure, I made mistakes, and I felt lonely and guilty, but having had a child with a neurobiological condition also gave me the opportunity, among other things, to question my values and beliefs. 


ADHD education and diversity became top priorities in my list, and without realizing I entered in the fascinating world of coaching and the power of our mind.


Looking back, acceptance was a pivotal moment in my relationship with the disorder, and I realized now how much I wish I had known and how valuable ADHD coaching would have been right after my son’s diagnosis. 


Coaching has helped me tremendously on a personal level as well as on family dynamics. 


Today I am a certified professional and personal coach specializing in ADHD with ICF (International Coach Federation) approved training centres.


My certifications include (but are not limited to):


  • The Neuroscience of Change,Coaches Rising, Dec 2022 

  • Coaching the ADHD Clientfrom Awareness to Action,Coach Approach, October 2021 

  • Associate Certified Coach,International CoachingFederation, April 2021 

  • Simply and PT, ADDCA , January 2020

  • Professional & PersonalCoaching Certification,Concordia University, June 2019


I am passionate about learning, a good meal, cultural diversity, and a good laugh :) I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too!

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