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Unlock the Sage Perspective: Grow Your Empathy Toward Yourself and Your ADHD Brain

Most adults fail to realize that their ADHD brain comes with several positives. It’s easier for individuals with ADHD to slip down the slippery slope of negative self-views instead of taking a moment to admire the positive qualities about ourselves. You’re probably hyper-critical of even the smallest of your shortcomings but fail to applaud yourself for your achievements and the positives of your personality, and your neurodivergent brain.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder also brings down your ability to self-assess. Here, your mind distorts every detail of your day and directs it into the (very frequently visited) self-sabotaging lanes.

With a loud mind that throws incessant negative chatter your way, how can you possibly stop being so self-critical and start living a happy life instead?

The answer: Quit self-sabotaging and unlock your Sage perspective.

The Journey Between Self-Sabotaging and Gaining Sage Perspective

Before diving into how you can set your Sage perspective free, let’s look at what saboteurs are and the impact they leave behind in your life.

Ever heard yourself saying to yourself, “you’re not good enough?” over and over again until it overwhelmed you? That was most likely one of your saboteurs talking.

If left unattended, your mind becomes a dwelling place for saboteurs that eventually end up overpowering you. The emotions generated by saboteurs make it extremely difficult to handle the everyday challenges of life. They trigger feelings of frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, stress, unhappiness, and restlessness. Over time, there emerges a saboteur “pattern” that controls how your feel, think, or even respond to certain situations. The result? Your performance in both professional and personal life takes a hit, your relationships go through a bumpy road, and your overall well-being gets negatively impacted.

But what happens when you unlock your Sage perspective?

For starters, adopting the Sage mode helps you translate every challenge or problem into an opportunity and gift. Your Sage powers help you:

  • Be more empathetic towards yourself and push yourself to do things instead of punishing yourself for shortcomings.

  • Limit ADHD self-limiting beliefs

  • Separate yourself from the stress released by your saboteurs

  • Improve your overall wellness

  • Improve your relationships

  • Improve your professional life

Now that you understand the equation of Sage and Saboteurs, it’s time to cultivate the Sage mindset.

You can get there by taking up the Mental Fitness Bootcamp. This course deploys daily practice, weekly focus, measurable progress, and community support to help you take a positive turn in your life.

That said, if you want to learn more about unlocking your Sage perspective, feel free to book a consultation with me today!

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