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Inside the Female ADHD Brain: Part Two

ADHD symptoms in women often go undiagnosed. The CDC data suggest boys are three times more likely to receive their diagnosis when compared to girls. Women exhibit subtle and less socially disruptive symptoms, which is why their condition often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Read on to understand how an ADHD female brain functions.

What Goes Inside An ADHD Female Brain?

Women with ADHD spend a fair amount of time and effort to seem “normal”. From dealing with the chaos at work to struggling to manage the household, here’s the bumpy ride women with ADHD take at work, in relationships, and in daily life.

Coping With ADHD On A Daily Basis

Disorganization You might splurge a lot on money on products to get yourself organized but end up not using them. Having guests over can be embarrassing, thanks to the mess and the clutter at home.

Overwhelming Bills Situation Keeping track of the bills is often a scary situation and you might often slide past never-ending deadlines.

Indecisiveness Places like grocery stores might make you nervous due to too many options and decisions to make. You might come back home only to realize you’ve missed the key ingredient for your meal.

Overspending You may also fall in the trap of overspending to make up for other issues. While your shopping spree makes you feel good in the moment, your reaction is far from happy when the credit card bill comes knocking.

Difficulty relaxing Small things can end up triggering you emotionally and you might often find it hard to relax.

Coping With ADHD At Work

The noisy environment in the office doesn’t let you work so you wait until everyone leaves and it’s quiet. Your desk is cluttered, with too many papers and you try to clean it only to realize the clutter returns in a day or two.

Coping With ADHD In Relationships You blame yourself for not being the best partner, friend, or mom. You want to do things for your loved ones and you wish you’re not late for a date or remember important birthdays.

Final Words

While having ADHD is not a choice, it does comes with its own benefits if you know how to control and harness your symptoms. A professional ADHD coach is equipped with the necessary tools and experience to help you escape the ADHD loop of symptoms and effects.

While the symptoms in women take different shades, men take a separate ADHD journey. How do men exhibit their symptoms? What are the differences between ADHD female brain and a male brain? What are the similarities? Do all women and all men experience experience gender-related symptoms? Read our upcoming blog to see the ADHD world with varying perspectives!


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