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How to Use Your Saboteur, Instead of Allowing It to Reinforce Your Self-Limited Beliefs

Living with ADHD is nothing short of taking a rollercoaster ride every day. You have your highs and lows because having ADHD is not knowing what to do but not doing what you know. You either procrastinate until the world is about to end or brew magic with your hyperfocus. Your mind either produces some of the most brilliant ideas previously unknown to humanity, or you overthink to the point of absolute despair. In other words, your ADHD brain has a mind of its own. Unfortunately, however, it is a lot easier for your mind to drown in damaging, self-limiting, or negative thoughts rather than float in positivity and productivity. Independent of the type of brain you have, we all have negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs – but in the ADHD brain, these tend to be magnified.

These negative “leashes” that tie your mind to self-limiting beliefs and negative inner voices are what we call saboteurs. Saboteurs are based on our strengths and show up when we overuse them. After all:

  • Your restlessness and curiosity are signs you love to explore things. So, why not direct them toward things that interest you?

  • Your impulsivity can be attributed to your ability to act quickly and intuitively regardless of the uncertainties that rain down on you.

  • Your brain not only loves to but excels at multitasking, so you can save a lot of time on doing tasks that an individual usually spends hours on.

  • You’re a risk-taker. You’re open to taking a chance even when the odds aren’t necessarily in your favor. In many cases, this ability pays off.

  • You’re often great at performing under pressure. For example, your brain works at an unbelievable pace when a deadline approaches.

  • Regardless of how many setbacks you face each day, you always bounce back stronger than ever.

Remember, your saboteurs can’t harm you unless you let them. Once you detect a negative emotion (or feeling) knocking at your mind’s threshold, make sure you first become aware of it. See it from a third-person’s point of view and try not to react to it. Instead, see how you can extract the “positive” out of this particular saboteur. As discussed above, every seemingly “negative” ADHD trait also comes attached with positive benefits your mind chooses not to see. Because no two ADHD minds are similar, it is important you set aside some time for self-reflection each day. You must practice disrupting the pattern and see how you can acknowledge the particular saboteur by exaggerating its narrative – create a nickname for it or invite some humor into the situation!

The Mental Fitness Bootcamp is another way of detecting, understanding, and transforming your saboteurs into your most advantageous assets. This research-based system consists of daily app-guided practice to help you foster mental fitness. It fosters the ability to pause, disrupt, and pivot through weekly focus videos. Most importantly, it instills accountability to help you achieve your goals on time.

To know more about the bootcamp, tap into your ADHD qualities, and reach your full potential – Sign up for The Mental Fitness Course now!

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