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How an ADHD Coach Can Help You Take Control of Your Life

ADHD comes packed with symptoms that can shape your everyday life. While being diagnosed with ADHD is not a choice, you can still manage to live a fulfilling and successful life in spite (or even because) of it.

A great way to embrace and grow with ADHD is through working collaboratively with a professional coach. Read on to know why investing in an ADHD coach might just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever take!

How an ADHD Coach Can Be Your Partner In Growth

A professional ADHD life coach helps you create structure based on your values, talents, needs and how your ADHD gets in the way. They guide you with empathy and create an environment where you can grow past the negatives of ADHD and unlock its possibilities. After all, your symptoms don’t necessarily have to control your life. By educating you on what you’re dealing with, a coach helps you understand the whys of doing what you do and how you can overcome it.

A coach helps their client to identify and employ strategies and skills that help minimize the effect of their ADHD symptoms on daily life and more easily achieve their personal goals. According to the ICF model, coaches are primarily considered process facilitators – all coaching is confidential, client-centered, and client directed. The goal is to create perspective, holding space, and brainstorming – instead of offering suggestions. As a coach, I am a part of a network that listens to who our clients are and what they yearn for.

The Journey Ahead: Investing In An ADHD Coach

A 2010 study measured the effectiveness of ADHD coaching on 45 adults and the results showed the positive impact coaching brought with it. In fact, according to a 2018 review, coaching proved important in terms of improving the brain’s executive functions and overall symptoms.

If you think you need a powerful helping hand to get your life in order, you might want to find an ADHD coach (online or offline) who can understand you and help you thrive. Connect with me to experience professional and meaningful ADHD coaching first-hand and live a daily life without the unnecessary baggage of negative ADHD symptoms. Book a free consultation with me to get started!


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