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Don’t Give Up on Your ADHD Brain

“If you look at the classic triad of symptoms that define ADHD in the medical model—distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity—you can take each one of those and turn it on its head.” Says ADHD specialist Dr. Ned Hallowell.

The natural reaction of just about any individual with ADHD would be to view it in negative light. However, there is much more to ADHD than just the negative symptoms. In case, you’re about to give up on your ADHD brain, here are a few reasons to change your perspective (and even be proud of your condition!).

Impulsivity Kickstarts Creativity

Inattentiveness, an ADHD hallmark, can trigger several symptoms that disrupt your day-to-day life. However, inattentiveness also springs higher levels of creativity.

According to Dr. Hallowell, “The flip side of impulsivity is creativity. You don’t plan to have a creative thought. Creative ideas are impulsive, spontaneous, and undisciplined. Without impulsivity, there’s no creativity.”

Impulsivity comes with the inability to manage thoughts – but surprisingly, it triggers an explosion of creative ideas in your mind. Thanks to this factor, individuals with ADHD can view things from a unique vantage point and often prove to be great creative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Distractibility Paves the Way For Curiosity

It’s often common for an ADHD brain to get distracted easily. In other words, their attention is often compromised each time they notice something in their surroundings.

If you place this curiosity in a positive light, you can associate it with a mind that is hungry for new experiences and knowledge! In fact, your curiosity is a treasure – especially when it comes to managing complex tasks or situations.

Hyperactivity is Synonymous with Energy

When it comes to using your hyperactivity to your benefit, the trick is to direct it only towards specific activities that need your attention. While an ADHD brain is often associated with the inability to focus, it also comes with the gift of hyperfocus.

With hyperfocus, you’re all set to get deeply engrossed in an interesting activity. Once you’re in the hyperfocus zone, nothing in the world can break your focus! About hyperfocus, Dr. Hallowell says, “a building could be burning down, and they’ll stay focused.”

Don’t Give Up: Use Your ADHD To Your Advantage

Once you understand how to manage your ADHD, it can prove to be your greatest gift. Coping with this condition opens up two ADHD future paths and it’s critical to tread on the right one. Let a professional ADHD coach guide you in terms of making the best use of your ADHD. Take my free consultation to get started!


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