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Applying What You Learn in a Mental Fitness Course to Your ADHD Experience

A mental fitness course can be used as a self-regulation tool for you, or for others, who are trying to navigate the ADHD experience. Often, we find ourselves self-sabotaging mentally, which is counterintuitive to meeting our goals - but with a mental fitness course, you can accelerate the journey to progressing toward your goals.

When working through a mental fitness course, the program offers language, a new narrative, and mini-mindful moments throughout the day that help you accomplish working toward your goals (the PQ gym). Practicing increases the ability to inhibit automatic responses and provides a space that cultivates self-awareness. With more self-awareness, individuals with ADHD learn to articulate their ADHD experience and grow a sense of agency, allowing them to find confidence in making their own choices. Through a course like this, we want to build the ability to stop long enough to create a PAUSE to let the mind’s executive functions do their work.

By the time the course is completed, you will learn to use PQ Reps and understand the concept of saboteurs and sage as a strategy for self-regulation.

Regardless of how great the course may be, you can retain it for life only if you apply everything you learn consistently in an ADHD-friendly way. Here’s how you can go about it:

Keep the Momentum Going

The mental fitness course is meant to be a lifetime learning. Here’s how to apply the learnings from the course in your real life:

  • Ongoing practice: The mental fitness course boosts your ability to sense or spot any negative or self-limiting thoughts. But as with anything, skills can be retained only as long as you keep practicing them. Tagging along the mental fitness gym to an existing well-established habit is a great way to keep building the PQ muscles.

  • Transform your saboteurs into gifts and opportunities: By preemptively answering niche-specific questions, individuals can overcome objections, fears, and misconceptions. For example – a common objection is that the program can be too much work when living with ADHD, which can already be chaotic. There are different ways to deal with the overwhelming feeling – like using the flexibility built into the program so that we can work around schedule conflicts if needed

Think Of it as A Lifelong Process, and Keep Flexing Your Sage Muscles!

The reason most pieces of training fail is that they don’t help you cultivate a habit. Because mental fitness puts a special focus on habits, you can rest assured these positive habits will remain with you as long as you keep applying them in your daily life.

The goal here is to keep flexing your sage muscles and deploying self-command to increase the capacity to handle life challenges with a positive mindset over getting upset or stressed.

That said, If you haven’t taken the Mental Fitness Bootcamp before, hop right here to explore what it’s all about and how you can hop on the wagon of ADHD positivity!

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