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Adults with ADHD Need to “Pack” These in Their Mental Fitness Gym Bag to Keep Moving Forward

Incessant inner chatter, being hard on yourself for the smallest of shortcomings, believing that you’re not good enough – an ADHD mind carries an avalanche of negative emotions and feelings. When these feelings transform into long-lasting habits, several areas of your daily life end up taking the hit. Your decision-making abilities go down, your focus dwindles, and your restlessness peaks. But what if you could use mental fitness to foster ADHD positivity, reinforce your executive functions, and improve your productivity?

Read on to explore the things you need to foster mental fitness.

Mental Exercises for An ADHD Brain

Your brain has the incredible ability to transform based on the experiences you feed it. This ability is called neuroplasticity, and mental exercises can help tap into it for positive life changes. These exercises help you improve your focus and attention, reinforce your organizational skills, strengthen your focus, and improve your memory, among many other things. Some of them include crosswords, sudoku, and drawing Zentangles. You can even explore Dr. Hallowell’s exercising techniques to bring in 10–15-minute mind-workout sessions into your everyday schedule.

Saboteur Trackers

Stress and negative thoughts are everyday players in the playground of an ADHD mind. Common emotions that visit you every day could include anxiety, low self-esteem, constant worrying about how “you’re not good enough,” and more. When trying to heal something, you must first locate where the wound is. Before you start your mental fitness journey, make sure you recognize all the inner voices that could hold you back from achieving your full potential. Next, figure out how you can shun these thoughts and shift the focus on your goals.

Formation of Positive Habits

Good or bad – habits decide the path your life takes. Making mental fitness a part of your routine could help you be more productive in life and better equipped for silencing the negative inner voices. Inculcating the habit of mental fitness requires a combination of mindset and external systems.

Embracing a positive mindset is all about switching the self-sabotage (negative inner voices) mode off and turning the Sage mode on – where every challenge can be converted into a gift and opportunity. External systems, on the other hand, include external tools that can help you stay on track with your mental fitness journey.

The Mental Fitness Bootcamp

The Mental Fitness Bootcamp helps your blend mindsets, systems, and habits to both strengthen your mind and achieve your goals. You can find out more about it here.

Aside from all your mental fitness paraphernalia, if you ever feel the need for a constant guide to help you throughout your ADHD journey, you can always reach out to me by booking a free consultation.

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