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The Accuracy of ADHD Tests Online

When the thought of ADHD crosses your mind, what’s your first reaction? Do you usually dismiss your issues thinking they’re just a bad case of procrastination? Or, do you suspect some deeper, more unusual factors lurking in the background?

The Truth About Adult ADHD

ADHD is real and more common than you think - about 4.4% of adults in the U.S and about 2.7% of adults in Canada live with ADHD. Sadly, however, most adults go on living with ADHD without ever discovering the source of their daily setbacks - losing the car keys constantly, too many missed deadlines, or perhaps a not-so-organized home.

The proverbial age of the internet offers quick digital solutions for everything - and an ADHD online test is no exception. But how good is the online ADHD test accuracy? Where can you find some great ADHD online resources to understand your symptoms better? Let’s quickly understand!

Online ADHD Tests: How Accurate Are They?

The most common ADHD online test so far is the one prepared by the World Health Organization. It is known as the Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS). It is a self-screening questionnaire that comes with 6 questions. The questions are ranked on a scale of 0 to 4. If you “strongly” show at least 4 out of 6 symptoms, you may have ADHD and must seek a formal diagnosis. You can download the ASRS questionnaire here. ADDitude Magazine also offers a free, interactive ADHD test, based on the ASRS Screener.

Online tests are more or less a symptom checklist and NOT a diagnostic test. Dr. James Kustow, an adult ADHD expert and psychiatrist, told Guardian about the ADHD test accuracy, “They are a snapshot and can be a useful aid, but will never replace clinical assessment. You need to find out how the person has functioned since childhood, and screen to see whether they have other physical and mental health problems.”

An ADHD online test may help rule out ADHD. But it does not offer entirely accurate results. If you’re looking for an accurate diagnosis, it’s critical to receive a clinical evaluation by a trained mental health professional.

Before You Go

Sure, ADHD symptoms can be challenging to handle. But with the right understanding and guidance, there are many heights to achieve! Scrouge the internet to explore everything about ADHD, monitor your symptoms daily, and create strategies to manage your symptoms.

Did you know ADHD also comes with some incredible gifts? Explore valuable ADHD online resources like The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) for a science and research-based education on all things ADHD!

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