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Seeking Help in Canada: Is ADHD Coaching Covered By My Insurance?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Living with ADHD can feel like walking on a tightrope. ADHD coping methods like medications target a few select issues like impulsivity and focus. But what about fighting a plethora of other ADHD symptoms - poor organization and time management, low self-esteem and feelings of shame, and debilitating mental conditions like anxiety and depression?

This is where ADHD coaching can help bring the change. Through a judgment-free and action-oriented process, an ADHD coach helps you manage your condition. To help you understand the ins and outs of ADHD coaching, this article provides answers to the questions:

· Is ADHD coaching covered by my insurance?

· How much does ADHD coaching cost?

Is ADHD Coaching Covered By My Insurance?

In most cases, ADHD coaching is not covered by insurance. There are, however, some ways to reduce (or offset) the coaching cost.

Here’s how:

· Ask your employers to cover your ADHD coaching costs for your professional development

· If you have your own business, you can assign a chunk of the cost as a business expense

· Ask your coach if they’re willing to accept a sliding scale fee or provide pro bono coaching

How Much Does ADHD Coaching Cost?

The ADHD coaching costs usually correlate to the coach’s experience (or qualifications) and the number of sessions. They can range from $380 to $1500 (CAD) per month. Some ADHD coaches also provide pro bono services.

On choosing your ADHD coach, you will be required to sign a contract or agreement. Coaches usually provide a three-month agreement. The terms of the contract cover elements like your personal goals and the coaching duration. In some cases, coaches may also require you to pay upfront.

Final Thoughts

The chaos of ADHD symptoms can lead to certain inevitable monetary consequences – poor credits, a surprisingly high pile of parking tickets, splurging on items you don’t need, the list is endless. From both mental health and monetary perspectives, ADHD coaching can be an important investment towards a thriving future.

You’re not alone in your struggle with ADHD, and it is certainly possible to see the life changes you’ve always imagined – one day at a time. Get a sense of what professional ADHD coaching can do for you by booking a free consultation with me today.


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