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Make Your Brain Work For Your Mind – Not Vice Versa

If you have an ADHD brain, chances are, you’ve always known you’re different. Your mind tends to walk on the path your ADHD brain lays out for it – from trouble getting things done to feeling intensely overwhelmed from a day full of chaos.

“It’s an absolute fact that every brain can be improved,” the world authority in ADHD, Dr. Hallowell says, “Because of its neuroplasticity, the life of brains can be improved or destroyed based on how you manage it.”

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s capacity to generate new neural networks based on changing circumstances and activities. Your brain is incredible and its ability to transform is even more incredible.

What Your Brain Tells Your Mind (and Why)

Being aware of why your brain does what it does can help your mind analyze your symptoms better and formulate lasting strategies to cope with your ADHD. Here’s a peek into what goes on in an ADHD brain.

Past, present, future – no timelines are distinct for your ADHD brain – everything is here and now. In other words, acting without thinking or impulsivity is often a prominent force affecting your life.

Life with ADHD makes it hard to follow a chronological order for checking off your tasks. Organizing is often a herculean task and jumping into the middle of an activity is often tempting.

Life, in general, is extremely intense. There is no scarcity of attention, in fact way too much of it. This explains the incessant occupation with an internal world within your brain. Unless you’re engaged in something that piques your interest, your brain simply refuses to get it done. Even the slightest sound pop disrupts your focus. Hopping between genius ADHD elements (hyperfocus, heightened creativity, magical spontaneity) and chaos of disorganization doesn’t always let you get things done.

Taking Control of Your ADHD Brain

There are several tools and techniques to get your ADHD brain back on track. From changing your diet to creating personal strategies to manage your symptoms better – a successful life with ADHD demands conscious effort.

One of the best approaches to take control of your ADHD is with the support of a professional ADHD coach. By helping you understand exactly what goes on in your ADHD brain, brainstorming the right strategies to get you going, and following up with your progress every step of the way – an ADHD coach brings the synchrony between your mind and your brain.

Let’s untangle your ADHD mysteries and bring order to your life with ADHD – one day at a time. Connect with me over a free consultation today!


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