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Learning Living Loving ADHD Program

Imagine: you step into a rock concert and hundreds of bands start performing all at once. Call it a cacophony of thoughts or a chaotic tangle of feelings - this is exactly what goes on in an ADHD brain. ADHD directly targets the executive functions – planning, organizing, working memory, and focus – of the brain.

Many believe medication for ADHD is enough to keep the symptoms in control. Unfortunately, medication is only a part of the process. Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., an international authority on ADHD says, “Coaching is wonderful for those with ADHD because it gets to all the nitty, gritty stuff that medication does not address. Medication can reduce the symptoms of ADHD and help you concentrate, but it doesn’t teach you how to get organized or get that better job.”

This is where coaching programs like the “Learning Living Loving ADHD Program” can help complete the circle.

This ADHD program follows a non-directive coaching approach. Here, you’re not “told” what to do. Instead, you take full ownership of the strategies you co-create with your coach. When you begin to formulate and really implement your growth strategies – you strengthen your focus, motivation, and life in general with every passing day. Here’s how the Learning Living Loving ADHD program helps you control your ADHD:

  • It helps you separate who YOU are from your ADHD symptoms so you no longer blame yourself for your issues and learn to work on them instead.

  • It helps you co-create structure in your life so you can plan how each day must unfold and make it a reality.

  • It helps incorporate Mental Fitness as a tool for self-regulation so you stay focused on your long-term goals and even achieve them.

  • It helps you replace the “work harder” mindset with smarter and insightful strategies.

  • As you understand ADHD more deeply, you begin to overcome daily challenges that emerge from living in a neurotypical society.

  • Each day comes with new learning, a new awareness – facilitating you towards making informed actions while keeping your goals in mind.

  • When you know you have a constant support system, your motivation keeps getting stronger, you start believing in the process, and in a way even manifest the results.

Thriving with ADHD, One Day at A Time

To sum up, the Learning Living Loving program is a collaborative coaching process oriented toward bringing real results. It is the small steps you take now that can bring massive changes in the future. Even during the most overwhelming ADHD days, don’t forget to remind yourself, "It's just the symptoms and you are NOT your ADHD."

If you’ve been looking for the right ADHD coach online, connect with me over a free consultation call – let’s kickstart your journey for a better tomorrow!


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