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How Pod Meetings with Others Help Adults with ADHD

Weekly pod meetings are a part of my Mental Fitness Bootcamp. They aim to bring a group of individuals with ADHD together. By fostering a sense of non-judgmental space, pod meetings encourage members to discuss their experiences with other individuals, cultivate accountability for their routine, share and apply valuable insights, and stay fully focused throughout their transformation journey.

According to the PQ Program, pods increase the success rate (500%) when people are attempting to create positive new habits when done within a support/accountability structure rather than alone.

Here’s how pod meetings with others can help you with your ADHD brain.

They Value Accountability

Accountability is often the best yardstick to gauge your individual capabilities. It helps you measure the work you put in to reach your goals. This, in turn, keeps your motivation supply full to not only stick to your routine but also get better every day. A great way to harness the incredible power of accountability is to participate in a group with like-minded people through pod meetings.

They Motivate you to Persist and Succeed

Motivation is one of the positive side-effects of accountability. Knowing you would be held accountable for the things you do will keep you going with your goals. Hearing others’ success stories of tackling saboteurs and finding positive voices helps you work on your own journey.

They Unleash Several Insights and Ideas

Hearing the tales of how others cope with their ADHD can bring many insights you may not have known before. Since ADHD coaching or a Mental Fitness Bootcamp is more of a collaborative effort, you get to explore ADHD symptoms from many angles. This can give you an opportunity to apply some of the tried and tested methods for getting your own life in order.

They Create A No-Judgement Zone

Pod meetings bring together several other individuals with ADHD. This creates a no-judgment zone where you’re free to speak about how you’re faring with ADHD. Knowing that there are many more people (within the same virtual room) who share your condition and ADHD symptoms makes it all the more comfortable for you to speak your mind and share your struggles and milestones.

Pod meetings form an integral part of my Mental Fitness Bootcamp. If you’re looking for collaborative, interactive, and result-oriented ways to work on regulation issues, fill out this form to get started!

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