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How a Mental Fitness Course Works for Your ADHD Brain

You may have poured in countless attempts to bring “real” positive changes in life. But the steps may seem to fall short because the foundation is rarely strong enough. Results only unfold when you understand exactly how habits are created through consistent, everyday practice.

If you’ve ever wondered, “how do I make my ADHD brain serve me instead of sabotaging me?” my Mental Fitness Bootcamp provides a result-oriented answer by putting the spotlight on…

The Three Foundations for Creating Change

A Mental Fitness Course helps with the lack of a dimmer switch on your ADHD brain – especially with self-regulation issues common in individuals with ADHD. With practice, it increased the ability to inhibit automatic responses, a tool that helps with the mindset and creates the foundation for change.

  • Mindsets – This is where the voices of Saboteurs (the voices that hold us back) and the inner Sage (the force of wisdom pushing us toward success) echo.

  • External Tools – These include tools to help bring order to your environment, plan your day, set goals and achieve them, etc.

  • Routine – Routine is when a set of habits come together to sum up your day. Good or bad – the habits your life “plays on repeat” make way for your success or failure in the future. A small, consistent effort each day is all you need to build a routine that wins.

Benefits of a Mental Fitness Course

The course offers a comprehensive roadmap toward cultivating mental fitness.

  • It helps you spot the Saboteurs (negative self-talk based on negative emotions such as stress, fear, shame, etc.) and work on your self-command muscle (mini mindful moments that help build the ability to pause long enough to create a PAUSE and provides a space that cultivates self-awareness. Then you can embrace the Sage perspective (which is saturated with positivity and helps you translate every challenge into an opportunity). This mechanism can help you achieve several lifelong benefits in your personal and professional life.

  • On a personal level, it helps minimize stress (something an ADHD brain stores in abundance), pave the way for great health (through adequate exercise, diet, and sleep), and help make the relationship with your loved ones thrive.

  • On a professional level, it helps strengthen emotional intelligence, makes you efficient in conflict management, boosts your creativity, and improves your motivation.

But when most solutions fail to offer long-term positive habit formation, how does this course help you consistently stay on track? It does so by using three critical elements: daily practice, weekly focus, and weekly pod meetings. You can learn more about my Mental Fitness Bootcamp here.

The time is NOW to lead your ADHD brain in a positive direction. Fill out this form to take the first step!

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