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Feeling Empowered By ADHD Everyday

From getting the century-old laundry done to furiously rushing, just in time, to meet your latest deadline – ADHD can feel like a perpetual walk on a treadmill. Non-stop. Without any breaks. You don’t choose to have ADHD and there is certainly no fix for it. What you can choose, however, is to consciously manage your symptoms and lead a fulfilling life every step of the way.

A great first step towards feeling empowered by ADHD would be to understand your symptoms. ADHD comes with an abundance of both negative and positive symptoms. The trick here is to take control of the negative symptoms and harness the positive symptoms to reach your goals.

The ADHD Journey of Empowerment and Self-Belief

When you think about an individual with ADHD, the first thought that comes to mind includes symptoms like impulsivity, inattention, hyperactivity, lack of focus, and inability to stay organized. But what about the qualities of ADHD intelligence including enhanced creativity, magical hyperfocus, incredible resilience, and the willingness to take risks?

Where lack of focus can eclipse your success, you have hyperfocus coming to your rescue just in time. Where inattention may lead to crippled adult ADHD relationships, there is always the heightened energy that can help you make your loved one happy. ADHD can be incredibly paradoxical. But what is important to notice is how it all comes down to managing it in the right manner.

Receiving an ADHD diagnosis might come as a shock for many individuals. But from a brighter perspective, it can come as a relief. Once you discover you have ADHD, you get to have a better understanding of what is getting in your way. In a way, your diagnosis paves a clear-cut path towards your goals because now you know the mix of negative and positive symptoms associated with it.

Popular Celebrities With ADHD

Seeing high achievers with ADHD lead a successful life can be inspiring in many ways. Here are some popular celebrities who have opened up about their journeys with ADHD:

  • Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps

  • Singer Adam Levine

  • Olympic gymnast Simone Biles

  • Singer-actor Justin Timberlake

  • Chef Jamie Oliver

  • TV personality Ty Pennington

You’re Not Alone

The symptoms of ADHD can target several areas of an individual’s life. That said, not all ADHD symptoms are negative. From harnessing your hyperfocus to concocting creative ideas, there are so many things about ADHD that need to be untangled and understood. A professional ADHD coach can help you learn more about your ADHD by helping you strike the right balance with your symptoms. For an empowering ADHD fresh start, book a free consultation with me today!


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