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Eliminate Obstacles: Going to College with ADHD

Transitioning from school to college – with ADHD – comes with new difficulties. Academic challenges, a fresh social scene, and a sudden routine switch can seem overwhelming in the beginning. Some ADHD college students may find it challenging to cope with an environment devoid of support from their parents and teachers. However, factors like supportive professors and ADHD coaches can play a pivotal role to help students thrive in all areas of college.

To help you eliminate the obstacles of ADHD symptoms and get you college-ready, here’s a helpful guide you can rely on:

Study Tips for ADHD College Students

Symptoms including disorganization, inability to estimate and manage time, and distractibility can constantly interfere with your academics. Here are some study tips for ADHD college students to help you become a great performer regardless of your symptoms:

  • Choose a major that suits your interests so you can stay motivated throughout the semesters.

  • Keep a planner by your side to stay up-to-date with your assignments, events, tests, and overall schedule.

  • Start studying when your stimulants are at their peak functioning.

  • Time is everything. Divide your study hours into several chunks (along with breaks) to limit the stress from procrastination.

  • Buddy doubling whenever you can for accountability

Keeping your Mental Health in Check

Caring for your mental health can not only stimulate your interests but also eliminate obstacles resulting from ADHD symptoms. Here’s how you can boost your mental health to get your brain’s executive functions back on track:

  • Design a routine for yourself – so you can maintain your sleep cycles and organize the day’s tasks accurately.

  • Lean on healthy foods and never skip your regular workout. In case you don’t have an exercise regimen, take pleasant walks outdoors.

  • If you’re on medication, be sure to take it consistently.

Blending into the Social Scene

While maintaining new friendships can be difficult for ADHD students, here are a few things that can help you be more inclusive in the college community:

  • From dorm to class, meet people and make friends you can rely on.

  • Be a part of the extracurricular activities and clubs to meet like-minded people and find interesting opportunities.

  • Keep in touch with your family and school friends or anyone who can stand by you throughout college.

If you find the above to be a struggle at times, there are a lot of apps that can help you with your ADHD mind. You can find the list here.

If you already feel jittery about college, here’s what you should know – about 1 in 9 college students today are diagnosed with ADHD. College should only be a place of opportunities (and not a cause of anxiety, stress, or shame) for smart people with ADHD like yourself. It is more than possible to eliminate obstacles resulting from your symptoms alongside carving a successful career for yourself.

Book a free consultation with me to see how ADHD coaching for college students can make all the difference in the world!


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