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Break Limiting Beliefs on ADHD

An ADHD brain often treads on a winding road of symptoms and effects – such a journey is no small feat. To begin with, an adult with ADHD experiences frequent disappointments that spring out from their persistent symptoms – disorganization, mismanagement of time, poor self-regulation, and lack of focus.

Things begin to look bleak in no time and emotions can spiral out of control. When your symptoms begin to trigger self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and feelings of inadequacy, it’s critical to remind yourself:

You are much more than your symptoms and it is possible to emerge victorious at the other end of the tunnel.

The ADHD Pattern of Self-Limiting Beliefs

“I can’t finish what I started… “ – the self-limiting voice in your ADHD brain constantly urges you to accept defeat instead of working toward a solution.

“If I give this speech, the audience might laugh at me… “ – the habit of “jumping to conclusions” is often too overpowering and forces you to assume only the worst.

“I really am quite silly… what can you expect anything from someone this stupid anyway… “ – often disguised as humor, this habit of speech is often employed to discount yourself to others. While you consider this harmless, this habit tends to have a negative impact on what you, personally, think about yourself.

“You really ought to… “ the opinions of others can quickly turn into the opinions of your own (also known as social conditioning). This is when you begin to do something out of guilt rather than your own sound judgment.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs in 3 Steps

Self-limiting beliefs discussed above can crumble the very foundation of your own self. ADHD self-care and empowerment start the moment you learn to break your limiting beliefs and separate who you are from your ADHD symptoms. Read on to understand how.

Combat limiting beliefs with questions – Instead of quietly submitting to beliefs that limit you, question them head-on – ask yourself questions like, “what good will this bring me? Is this really true?” Instead of letting the voices of negative criticism overpower you, learn to switch them to a passive mode.

Cultivate a growth mindset – Before believing in the “pointlessness” of doing something (and possibly giving up), harness a growth mindset by taking on a challenge. Knowing that “you have tried” will prepare you to keep growing.

Get a support system by your side – You don’t have to be alone in your journey to becoming an ADHD warrior. Reaching out to someone who understands you (an experienced ADHD coach, for instance) can help you consistently grow past and break limiting beliefs.

If you want to learn more about ADHD and understand, firsthand, the transformation ADHD coaching can bring in your life, don’t hesitate to reach out to me over a free coaching consultation.


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