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Back to Basics: Understanding Your ADHD Brain

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

A lot goes on in the depths of an ADHD brain. It is commonly presumed that ADHD is a childhood issue, but just as many adults today are living with ADHD. If left undiagnosed, this disorder can impair the day-to-day mechanisms of your life (from work to relationships and everything in between). On the bright side, however, it can easily turn into inner strength and once you understand where your ADHD gets in the way, you learn how to manage your symptoms. The sky is the limit – you can start living a fulfilled life.

What Goes on Inside an ADHD Brain

While it Is impossible to pinpoint what causes ADHD, the likely factors include an individual’s environment, a certain combination of genes, and brain-wiring. On a regular day, an ADHD warrior can be seen juggling with issues like disorganization, impulsivity, forgetfulness, restlessness, hyperactivity, trouble focusing, and emotional problems.

Such an intense tsunami of emotions can naturally feel overwhelming and get in the way of your career or relationships. People living with ADHD have talents and strengths, which must be nurtured. These strengths can be fully realized with just a little understanding, education, and support.

Living With ADHD

Coexisting with an ADHD brain comes down to following a straightforward equation - being aware of the challenges associated with ADHD and designing a structured plan for constant improvement. Here are a few small lifestyle changes that can help you with ADHD coping:

  • Managing your diet and exercise

  • Estimating and managing time

  • Not skipping on your sleep

  • Staying connected to your relationships

  • Practicing self-care

  • Creating a plan to stay organized

  • Not blaming yourself for your ADHD

Positive Qualities of ADHD

ADHD coping might not be the easiest thing in the world. But feeling empowered by ADHD can help bring important life changes.

Individuals with an ADHD brain are often good at creating or inventing something new. They are less likely to draw from older examples while they’re in the creative or problem-solving process. As a result, they tend to be high performers with an ability to bring innovative solutions and original ideas to the table.

When to Seek Help

If living with ADHD continues to be a stumbling block in your life despite putting all the self-help strategies in place, it might be time for you to find outside help. You’ve already won half the battle simply by acknowledging your condition. You need guidance from a professional ADHD coach to win the other half.

Coaching can help you stay organized, manage your time, amp up your productivity, keep impulsive behaviors at bay, control the tirades of stress, and allows you to begin living a life befitting of you – undefined by your ADHD. Are you looking for a professional ADHD coach in Canada or online? Connect with me for a free and insightful consultation!

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