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ADHD Coaching: Why Should It Be A Worldwide Effort?

Many reasons could affect an individual's reaction to their ADHD. While some don’t wish to get their ADHD diagnosis while others refuse to accept they have ADHD. As a result, these individuals often deal with the impact of untreated ADHD worldwide instead of tapping into the surprising benefits of the condition.

An ADHD coach has an extremely important role to play when it comes to empowering individuals living with ADHD. From getting to the very bottom of their condition to finally leading a fulfilling and successful life – an ADHD coach stands as a robust support system throughout an individual’s ADHD journey. It helps to create the awareness of how to differentiate the individual as a person and their ADHD showing up.

What Happens When ADHD Is Left Untreated?

When ADHD goes untreated, it causes a serious impact on individuals living with ADHD and also on the people around them. The more severe symptoms include:

· Anxiety, Depression, and Low Self-Esteem

The common symptoms of ADHD can pile up over time, giving rise to more severe symptoms like anxiety and depression. Women with ADHD are often more likely to face low-esteem.

· Employment Issues

A systematic report suggests that untreated ADHD can cause job instability. The symptom to blame here, another study reveals, is mainly the lack of focus which makes it nearly impossible to sustain a job for a long period of time.

· Difficult Relationships

Partners of individuals living with ADHD can often end up feeling more neglected, a 2016 study suggests.

· Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Individuals with untreated ADHD often tend to misuse alcohol and psychoactive substances.

· Impact On Parent-Child Relationship

Since parents with ADHD have difficulty managing their own emotions, the resulting impact could be conflict or frustration with their children.

The Power of ADHD Coaching

ADHD coping mechanisms like medications reduce the symptoms of inattentiveness hyperactivity and impulsivity and are a personal choice. But what about the deep-rooted ADHD problems that target the brain’s executive functions – organization, time management, task initiation, and completion, among many others.

This is where an ADHD coach matters. By creating a non-judgmental space for you to grow, brainstorming and creating growth strategies centered around you, and helping you track and organize everything to the last detail, an ADHD coach makes it possible for you achieve your most ambitious personal goals like designing an accountability system.

That is the impact ADHD coaching can have on a single person. Now, try multiplying this impact with the global ADHD population! With the genetic aspect of ADHD, normalizing ADHD coaching creates better awareness with less stigma. While there is still a long way to go in terms of ADHD awareness and coaching, it is the small steps that leave a large ripple effect of success. If you want to experience what ADHD coaching can bring to the table, schedule your free consultation with me right away!

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